Let me introduce myself and tell a little about myself. I was born and grew up in the family of medical workers, where I very often heard a lot of medical discussions.

Studying at school I understood that I wanted to start training in a professional direction. After the ninth grade in September 1997 I entered the Ukrainian Medical Lyceum of National Medical University named after  Bogomolets. The practical classes clinics where held in hospitals directly with sick people. Before June 1999 I had mastered the basic techniques and methods of general nursing duties necessary for a nurse, and had passed  medical practice.

In September 1999 I entered the National Medical University named after Bogomolets. In 2005 I graduated the medical department 1, a specialty Medical care, specialty  Doctor of general practice, family doctor. After that, I began to undergo an internship based on City Clinical Hospital 16 in Kyiv.

But I've always wanted more than just the healing process. I wanted to learn more deeply and engage in the discovery of a new field of medicine. I planed to be engaged in scientific research activities. At that time British-Ukrainian medical research company was founded in 2003. This company studied breast cancer. I studied  International Course Oncology Course - Brest Cancer in Nottingham Cancer Centre (Nottingham, UK, 2003).

From 2005 to 2008 I worked the head of the scientific research project breast cancer. Research work was carried out on the bases of the leading clinics in this field in Ukraine (Institute of Oncology, Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev Cancer Centre, Oncology Centre of Kiev, Crimean Republican Oncological Centre, etc.)

From 2007 to 2009 I worked as the family doctor in the polyclinic. From 2009 I opened the private medical practice in the field of family medicine in Moscow

I am a postgraduate, and participate in medical conferences in different countries, looking at the last medical achievements.

I often visited health centres in different countries and had the opportunity to estimate the level of knowledge and skills of foreign specialists. After that I decided to give qualified medical care. My aim was to give my clients the opportunity to use world medical achievements to solve their health problems.


Your health is my calling! Health is the most valuable thing we have and we should be very attentive with it!

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