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The company was founded in 2003 and since then has been worked as a research company in the field of oncology breast cancer. We were working under the auspices of Cancer Institute, which is located in the UK, the city of Nottingham. I often visited the UK. I studied and interned in the sphere of our work in medical institutions in the UK. I had the opportunity to compare the level of medical work and education in the former Soviet Union and abroad at that time.

Thanks to friends of my family in the medical sphere in different countries, I had the opportunity to learn and develop my skill, studying the latest medical achievements in books sent from abroad. I compared the difference between the working methods of work approaches to treatment, the level of knowledge and saw that our methods were out of date and even now the situation is just the same.

Some times there were situations when our doctors where unable to cure the patient, however the foreign doctors cured the patient successfully and saved his life.

Studying the issue of medical errors, I concluded that this often occurs because of an ill-equipped clinics by latest laboratory diagnostic techniques, as compared to foreign clinics, but, unfortunately, the main reason behind all this, too, in the formation of domestic experts, poor level of legal liability for medical action and the same old bureaucratic system of health care system. Sometimes illiterate grandchildren of prominent professors engaged in medical treatment and begin to cripple the lives and health of people taking advantage of their position.

Fortunately, more and more people have the opportunity to go abroad to work, rest and etc. We propose to use the knowledge of the world medical specialists in solving your health problems during your business trip or holidays abroad. You can take care of your health spending some time on a general survey of the organism with the aim of early diagnosis of disease (the program check-up).

As the company's workers all have higher medical education, do research and study on internship abroad, we can provide highly qualified recommendations on problems with health.  We also provide an opportunity to observe the health of your family, time to implement all necessary preventive care and advice (the aim of good health care worker is to prevent disease rather than to cure it). We also can provide necessary medical treatment throughout the world. We will find the best world specialist in the field of your problem and arrange a consultation and visit to him.

In the scientific direction, we are currently working in the field of oncology, hepatology (gastroenterology), endocrinology, immunology, parasitology, urology, etc. We have interesting achievements and accomplishments. We monitor all the latest achievement of world scientific medical society in the field of disease prevention and implement them in our work.


We are glad to work for the sake of your health this is our calling and duty.

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